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IBM Deskstar 16GP 8.4Gb Vs Deskstar 8 8.4Gb
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Author: wilfred
Date of review: 14-December-1998
Type Of Review: Harddisks

Only recently IBM released the Deskstar 16GP series after the highly popular line of Deskstar 8 harddisk drives. The new series continues to perform admirably, and better what made the Deskstar 8 drives so popular - its capable performance, affordability, quietness, and the fact that it runs cool is an added bonus.

Not that you have a choice now because it is difficult to find the Deskstar 8 on retail anymore, so what we're looking at is IBM pushing the new drive as a worthy successor to its predecessor. Read on:


The IBM Deskstar 16GP offers the first implementation of Giant Magnetoresistive (GMR) head technology enabling it to feature a greater areal density than using Magnetoresistive Extended (MRX) head technology. The 16GP also sports a faster max sustained data rate of 12Mb/s vs 10.2Mb/s of the Deskstar 8.

Installation, Noise and Heat
There cannot be much difficulty installing a harddisk drive these days. After scouting for the right bay to slot in the drive, I connected the power and IDE cables... powered up my PC. I wasn't disappointed.

It is definitely one of the quietest drives you can find. But if it wasn't my senses cheating me, the Deskstar 16GP does sound a tat louder than my Deskstar 8. However, it is only a whisper of spindle noise that could be detected even in the silence of the night.

What about heat generated? Nope not much, only slightly warm to the touch after hours of usage, even in a equatorial climate found in Singapore. This is still pretty remarkable although I've been used to the Deskstar 8 which runs even cooler.

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