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ABIT Introduces the Hot RodT 66 Card


ABIT Introduces the Hot RodT 66 Card
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Author: Kan
Date of review: 28-December-1999
Type Of Review: Press

Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. May 26th, 1999- ABIT Introduces the Hot RodT 66 card, the ABIT way to do Ultra ATA/66. If you need to run the latest ATA/66 hard drives at their intended speed or you want to get under the hood of your computer and turn it into a Hot Rod, the you need ABIT's Hot RodT 66 card. With ABIT technology you can get full support for Ultra ATA/66 drives with their 66MB/sec. burst data transfer rates.

The Hot RodT 66 card can be used with any FX, LX, EX, ZX, board and although the BX chipset was designed to be compatible with the Ultra ATA/66 specification, it is only capable of running at a maximum of 33 Mbytes/sec, thus offering no advantage over UDMA/33. With the help of the ABIT Hot RodT 66, your mainboard can support this specification at its intended 66 Mbytes/sec of data throughput. The result is maximum disc performance using the current PCI local bus environment.

Ultra ATA/66 hard drives are 100 percent backward compatible with both Ultra ATA/33 and DMA and with existing ATA (IDE) hard drives, CD-ROM drives, and host systems and the Ultra ATA/66 protocol and commands are designed to be compatible with existing ATA (IDE) devices and systems. And with ABIT's Hot RodT 66, you get automatic recognition and compatibility for any combination of UDMA/66, UDMA/33, EIDE, or ATAPI devices.

Better, Stronger, Faster With the Ultra ATA/66 specification not only is your ATA/66 compatible drive running faster but it is also running more safely. The specification calls for a new 80-wire cable (that still uses the 40 pin connector, insuring compatibility with your existing IDE connectors) that decreases a lot of the electronic noise that can cause data errors thus creating a cleaner, stronger signal. The Hot RodT 66 card also has full support of CRC error checking of Ultra DMA drives increasing the data integrity even further. And with ABIT's Hot RodT 66 there are 2 80-pin Ultra ATA/66 class cable included! 4 Channels of Power With the Hot RodT 66 card from ABIT, you will be adding 2 more channels to your existing setup giving you 4 IDE channels total on your motherboard. The Hot RodT 66 supports 4 additional IDE devices with separate timing thanks to the Hot RodT 66 BIOS that will allow you to configure any combination of UDMA/66, UDMA/33, EIDE, or ATAPI devices allowing you to run all IDE devices at their highest rated speeds.

ABIT Quality With the ABIT Hot RodT 66 card you know that you will have the best quality Ultra ATA/66 solution for your motherboard. The ABIT name means quality, speed, and performance. With the Hot RodT 66 and two 80-pin cables you will be ready to take full advantage of all of your hardware's potential!

For more information on the ABIT Hot RodT 66 card go to: http://www.abit.com.tw

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