29th August 2014 

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21" Of Luv
More Features
With such a big monitor, it must be very hot right?
How Does A 21" Compare To A Normal Monitor?

Sony Multiscan CPD-G500 21
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The G500 comes with a number of advanced features, including Sony’s HiDensity Electron Gun™ with Enhanced Elliptical Correction System™ technology. They help to enhance image clarity and precision while virtually eliminating image distortion, especially at the corners.

Since the electron beam must travel further to reach the edges of this 21-inch display, the G500’s HiDensity Electron Gun™ incorporates additional focus plates which improve the beam spot ratio, thereby reducing misconvergence and improving colour uniformity and image quality across the display.

The G500 also features Sony's Active Signal Correction™ (ASC) technology, a convenient feature that monitors the video signal input and automatically sizes and centers the image to current standard VESA timings.

Dual input connections for both 15 pin mini d-sub and BNC on the G500 allow for simultaneous connections to two computers. A convenient front panel selection button allows the user to switch between input sources with true ease-of-use.

Convenient switch in front to allows you to switch between HD15/BNC mode

The RESET button allows you to reset the monitor back to the default factory settings. Use it cautiously and do not press it accidentally, for I spent quite a while fine-tuning the monitor to my preferred settings.

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