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Toshiba XM-6201B SCSI CD-ROM Reader
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Author: kan
Date of review: 13-June-1998
Type Of Review: CD-ROM/DVD/CD-RW


  • 32X max to 13.8X min throughput
  • 6360 RPM
  • Constant Angular Velocity
  • 85ms average random access
  • 256KB Buffer
  • Compatible with CD-R/W (CD-ReWritable) media and packet writing (UDF format)
  • Capable of Digital Audio Extraction
  • Sustained Data Transfer rates of 2.07 MB/s (13.8X) to 4.8 MB/s (32X)
  • Burst Rate of 10 MB/s Sync.
  • Compatible Formats: CD-ROM XA, Multisession Photo-CD, CD-Extra, CD-DA, CD-1, Video CD, CD-I Ready, CD-G
  • Plug & Play

Toshiba’s new 32-speed CD-ROM drive brings leading edge performance to the CD-ROM market. Available in an internal SCSI and features a fast 90ms average random access and a transfer rate up to 4,800KB/sec (4.8MB/second). This high performance is combined with MPC-3 compatibility and multisession Photo CD support to make the drive suitable for demanding data and multimedia applications.

This drive comes in a OEM package. This drive is selling for around $148, cheaper than the Pioneer DR-U06S as well as the Plextor UltraPlex. Documentation are HORRIBLE, almost non-existent. There is only a small piece of paper warning you that this equipment is a Class 1 Laser Product. There are no documentation on the jumper settings, SCSI ID settings etc. Best of all, you cannot find the settings in the Toshiba website as well.

I had to 'trail-and-error' for the SCSI ID settings as the default was SCSI ID 0, which conflict with my hard disk. Luckily, SCSI ID settings are pretty standard. If you have no idea how to set, just get a generic SCSI ID settings layout from a hard drive will do.


The CPU utilization for this drive is way too high for a SCSI drive. But it could be due to my system performance. I expect the CPU utilization to drop drastically as system performance increases over 200 MHz.

In short, Toshiba makes one of the best drives in the market. Combined with a good price, you can seriously consider this drive.

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