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Pioneer DR-U06S 32X SCSI CD-ROM
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Author: kan
Date of review: 09-June-1998
Type Of Review: CD-ROM/DVD/CD-RW


  • Revolutionary Slot-in disc loading mechanism
  • Sustained data transfer rate: 2,100 - 4,950 KB/s
  • Average access time: 70 ms
  • Average random seek time: 60 ms
  • SCSI-2 interface (with SCAM support)
  • Supports all mainstream CD standards and formats
  • High speed text and graphics database retrieval
  • Supports reading CD-RW discs

The DR-U06S is equipped with Pioneer's revolutionary Slot-in disc loading mechanism, which features a chucking system for safer disc handling, and enables either horizontal or vertical installation. The mechanism grips the disc by the edge without touching the data surface. In addition ejected discs are held in the slot with the central hole visible to allow them to be removed without leaving fingermarks on the data surface.

It comes in the original packaging, unlike those OEM CD-ROM readers that are selling in Singapore. It comes with a full and detailed manual about the drive. Installation is fast and simple. I just set a SCSI ID number, hook it up to the power supply and the drive is spinning away in no time.

Using a radically redesigned LSI (Large Scale Integrated circuit) chipset in combination with a newly developed pickup assembly, the DR-U06S combines an ultra-high sustained date transfer rate of 2,100 - 4,950 KB/s with an extremely fast access time of barely 70 ms (average). Regardless of the CD-ROM application, the DR-U06S provides an optimum performance which ultimately results in a significant saving in time.

Unique 'Vibration Detection / Speed Control': Some discs are imbalanced or have an eccentric center of gravity. Rotating such a disc at top speed (when reading from the inner part of the disc) might cause strong vibrations. Pioneer's 15-32X CD-ROM drives use a unique Vibration Detection / Speed Control feature - to eliminate the occurrence of such vibrations, while maintaining optimum performance.


The Pioneer DR-U06S scored a CD-ROM WinMark of 1770, which is slightly slower than the Plextor's UltraPlex 32x (1810) but still faster than the Toshiba XM-6201B (1680). The CD-ROM access time is 82.3 ms, slightly slower than the claimed 70 ms. The drive spin at a rate of 6,890 rpm, nearly as fast as the 7,200 rpm hard disks that are available. When spinning, the drive do emit a low sturdy humming sound, but which is not too intrusive.

In all, this is a good and cheap SCSI CD-ROM drive. Unless you can get a good price for the Plextor's UltraPlex, you are better off with a Pioneer or Toshiba.

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