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MSI 6163 Pro
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Author: david
Date of review: 08-August-1999
Type Of Review: Mainboards

The i440BX chipset is one of the most successful chipsets ever made, with motherboard manufacturers releasing one BX board after another. (eg. ABIT with their BX6, BH6, BX6-2, BP6, BE6, AOPEN with their AX6BC and AX6BC PRO, ASUS with their P2B, P2B-F and P3B...) With such a phletora of choices and variations, it really figures how one can actually keep track of them!

MSI (Microstar International), not wanting to be a laggard in the motherboard arena, has released a successor to its previous MSI 6163 BX board. The latter was quite popular among overclockers, as during its time, only ABIT and MSI mainboards allow for CPU voltage adjustments - a definite must for overclocking.

Now MSI is back with the successor to the 6163; Enter the MSI 6163 Pro. Introductions aside, Let's get on to the review proper.

Here is a picture of the board:

Some advantages of the 6163 Pro are:

  • Lots of bus speeds for overclocking fun!: 66/75/78/81/83/90/95/100/105/110/112/115/117/120/122/ 124(41)/124(31)/126/133/135/138/140/142/144/150/155
  • POST (Power On Self Test) Diagnosis LEDs for troubleshooting hardware problems
  • CPU Voltage (Vcore) adjustment by 20%
  • I/O Voltage (V I/O) adjustment
  • CPU Plug & Play III
  • Top Tech III

One thing I've noticed is that MSI boards all came in fancifully designed boxes. The first time I saw an MSI box, I actually mistook it to contain a graphic card! =P

Have a look at these appealing cartoons representing the different functions of the MSI board, such as CPU Plug & Play II and SoftCooler II. In these seemingly unimportant areas, MSI's attention to detail really stands out from the rest of the pack.

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