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Canopus Total128DX Witchdoctor
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Author: Wilfred
Date of review: 13-September-1999
Type Of Review: Videocards

Innovation, ease-of-use, speed and superior quality. Very seldomly can any one firm be associated with all these qualities all at once. But Canopus is one of them.

We've seen fine examples of their superb workmanship in their acclaimed line of Voodoo, Voodoo2 and Riva128 boards. They have repeatedly gone beyond their call of duty to enhance the chip designer's already excellent reference cards.

When the Riva128 arrived some time ago, it became an overnight success and nVidia shot to fame instantly. Its low cost, excellent 2D (comparable to a Millenium II) and Voodoo-class 3D performance put it right at the top spot. In spite of its inherent weakness in 3D visual rendering quality, it's overall performance and great affordability kept its sales going.

The original Total3D 128V was a fine example of what Canopus was capable of. They had taken it upon themselves to make the finest Riva128 board there is by incorporating a very good TV-Out, a Video-In, solid drivers and utilities.

However, since the introduction of the Voodoo2 based cards, Riva128's crown as the top dog was snatched away. Here comes the WitchDoctor....

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