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D-Link DFE-905 Network Kit
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Author: Yingzong
Date of review: 26-May-1999
Type Of Review: Networking

With two computers in my room and another in the study room, the notion to set up a network in the house has always been one that was begging to be obeyed. Whether it was to engage in multiplayer games within the confines of my room, the ease in which I could transfer files (especially those that I just downloaded) between the computers or the inexplicable "high" of owning my very own network, I was finally driven to acquire a networking solution.

With D-Link being the reputable networking figure in the market , it wasn't surprising that I chose a product from them to answer this call. I decided to try the D-Link DFE-905 networking kit. You can access D-Link's website at www.dlink.com. However, at the time of this review, I was unable to access the website. There's an alternative Canadian website at this location.

D-Link has always produced cost effective NICs and hubs of high quality. There are other brands in the market offering affordable and reliable networking kits such as SOHOware and 3Com. My decision in choosing D-Link was merely a personal one.

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