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ABIT Unveils Newest Board Based, the WX6!


ABIT Unveils Newest Board, the WX6!
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Author: kan
Date of review: 17-May-1999
Type Of Review: Press

Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. May 13th, 1999—Introducing a board specifically designed for the Celeron® line of processors and re-aligning Value PC standards, ABIT brings to the market the WX6. Based on Intel’s new 810 chipset the WX6 is poised to bring the greatest price to performance ratio yet.

With the 810 chipset, the WX6 supports: 66/100MHz Front Side Bus, Ultra DMA33/66, Two 168-pin DIMM sockets support SDRAM modules for up to 512MB, integrated AGP 2X 3D graphics accelerator with 100MHz Dynamic Display Memory Interface and On board 4MB SDRAM Graphics Memory, Aureal A3D 3D positioning PCI audio controller that supports A3D & DirectSound 3D games and 64 voice wavetable, ATX form factor, Five PCI slots and One AMR slot.

ABIT’s latest All-in-One model, the WX6, is designed with the Intel’s value-oriented 810 DC-100 chipset. Integrated with a high performance 3D graphics accelerator in the chipset, and a high quality, Aureal A3D 3D positioning PCI audio controller, the WX6 will be the newest and best price/performance solution for the Value PC segment. Based on the new 810 chipset from Intel, what does the new WX6 give you? Fuller, richer, more integrated performance:

  • PCI Rev. 2.2 compliant with support for 33MHz PCI operations
  • Supports up to 6 Req/Gnt pairs (PCI Slots), WX6 already shares one Req/Gnt
  • signal for PCI audio chipset.
  • Integrated IDE controller with Ultra DMA/66 support
  • USB host interface with support for 2 USB ports
  • AC '97 2.1 compliant link for audio and telephony CODECs
  • Firmware Hub (FWH) interface support

"At the core of the 810 chipset is a memory controller with built-in graphics technology. The 82810 chip optimizes system memory arbitration, similar to AGP technology, resulting in a more responsive and cost-effective system."

The WX6 features native Intel® graphics technology and software drivers, using Direct AGP to render stunning 2D and 3D effects and images.

The WX6 employs the Intel® Accelerated Hub Architecture to make direct connections between the graphics and memory to the integrated AC97 controller, the IDE controllers, dual USB ports, and PCI add-in cards. "The Accelerated Hub Architecture provides twice the bandwidth of the PCI bus at 266 MB per second."

Integrated Audio - Aureal 3D and AMR
The WX6 has one AMR slot onboard, it is called the Audio/Modem Riser (AMR) slot. The WX6 comes with the Aureal A3D 3D positioning PCI audio controller that supports A3D Interactive & DirectSound 3D games with DirectSound3D acceleration and studio quality 64 voice wavetable, with Sound Blaster® and Sound Blaster Pro® compatibility.

The WX6 is also among the first to proudly meet the coming PC99 specification. Connectors are color coded to be identified and hooked up easily. Equipped with 5 PCI slots and 2 DIMMs, the WX6 also adds support for the new Ultra DMA66 IDE devices, making the WX6 the most user friendly solution yet.

Full Hardware Monitoring
To give the user the maximum in security and stability, the WX6 has integrated the Winbond Hardware Monitoring chipset. With the Hardware Doctor, a self-diagnostic software program for the PC, the user can monitor the following hardware configurations under Microsoft Windows 95/98:

Power Supply Voltage
Provide voltages for different devices such as CPU, Chipset, ISA Bus, PCI Bus

Fan Speed
Includes CPU and System fan speed

Includes System temperature and a Thermal header for CPU or other hardware temperature monitoring.

The WX6 of course uses the most famous advanced Jumperless technology, Soft MenuTM which provides ABIT’s customers the easiest and safest environment to achieve maximum performance. Soft Menu II,TM ABIT’s patented technology increases future compatibility and gives users a convenient way to adjust CPU settings.

At a competitive price the amount of performance enhancement and power that the WX6 brings to the market is unparalleled. For more information about this ABIT product and others please go to: http://www.abit.com.tw

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