31st August 2014 

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Table of Contents
OCZ: "Niche"-nstein
Enter the Titan: Specs & Bundle
Installation And Set-Up
Impressions & Overclocking
Benchmarks#1: 3DMark2001
Benchmarks#2: Quake 3 Arena & 3D Winbench 2000
Benchmarks#3: FSAA Impact


OCZ Titan 3: Top Of The Pack
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In a nutshell, the OCZ Titan 3 is purportedly the fastest GF3 card in the industry, Out-Of-The-Box that is. Whilst I had limited success pushing it further, the OCZ minimum guarantee of 215/515 MHz core/mem speeds is certainly reassuring for your money spent. Moreover, the integrated extras like RFI filtering (2D is noticeably better IMHO), Thermaltake Blue Orb HSF and Copper RAMsinks, all add to its stability and premium build quality, testament of the OCZ brand-name and mission.

Granted that a typical gamer could settle for a cheaper stock GF3 alternative, whose abundant offerings would probably more than satisfy his frame-rate desires, the distinction in quality and design offered by OCZ's Titan 3 appeals to the eccentric enthusiast, whom I unabashedly identify with. Still I must acknowledge that US$350 for a GF3 card nowadays, is considerably over-priced.

Admittedly, Nvidia's next range of Ti500 cards are rolling out as I write, yet I envisage the OCZ Titan 3 to stay for a while for folks like me (presuming prices get revised to more down-to-earth levels), that is until OCZ releases their Ti500 variant... Thereby, it whole-heartedly gets my stamp of approval, receiving and fully deserving an Editor's choice award!

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