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Creative SoundBlaster Audigy Platinum EX
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Author: wilfred
Date of review: 15-October-2001
Type Of Review: Soundcards

21 August 2001 was a big day for Creative Technology Ltd when they unveiled their new generation sound card, the Sound Blaster Audigy, to press and media representatives from Singapore and the region. The inaugural event took place at the Creative Resource headquarters at the International Business Park, Singapore and it promised to blow us away…

This feature review shall begin with a short mention on the product launch event, before quickly moving onto the details of the Audigy card.

After handing out the product promotional materials and goody bags, the guests were herded into an auditorium to witness the debut of Creative’s 8th generation Sound Blaster.

The new has come

Undoubtedly, the company has come a long way since their first sound card in 1989, which was an instant hit. Creative has fought great many competitors with their twelve year lineage of Sound Blaster cards, but they have managed to stay on top and proved their ability to outdo themselves by hitting the right note in practically virtually every audio product released.

The launch of the Audigy card is set to replace the de facto standard Live! cards that stood unwavering for three years as the sound card of choice by any discerning buyer. On hindsight, we are tickled to wonder what made the Live! series a runaway success? It was certainly a combination of technical excellence, especially in its reprogrammable EMU10K1 sound processor chip, a very compelling (and thankfully consistent) Live!Ware drivers upgrade program and Creative’s marketing and pricing strategies. Creative definitely plans to take the best of Live! and make its prodigy another resounding success.

The launch event turned out to be more than a technology showcase, with the press seemingly more interested to learn about Creative’s low share prices and how the company intends to resuscitate it with the debut of the Audigy. That aside, CEO Mr Sim Wong Hoo’s upbeat mannerisms quelled some uneasiness about the market as he took to the podium and told us of how excited he was regarding the new Sound Blaster which he deemed worthy of a new product nomenclature (and thus merited fresh marketing dollars to build another recognized brand name). After hearing all these, we were naturally expectant.

The first-hand look at the new technologies and strategies Creative will be incorporating into their ‘World of Audigy Advanced HD’ were good but the product is not going to make a persuasive statement until one comes into close proximity with it. Let us hear more of it!

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