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Partial CAV vs Zone CLV
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Buffer Underrun Protection Technologies
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Author: flashman
Date of review: 14-August-2001
Type Of Review: CD-ROM/DVD/CD-RW

Investigating into Buffer Underrun Protection Technologies Yamaha Safeburn vs BurnProof/Justlink

With the advent of extremely high-speed CD-RW drives, very important Buffer Underrun Protection technologies were introduced. These complex technologies ensure that there will be no data-buffer underrun problems when writing at very high speeds. Closely linked with these technologies, is the fundamental writing strategies which manufacturers choose to use to achieve such high speed.

The interplay between these buffer underrun protection technology and writing strategy is largely misunderstood and not well documented on the web. With this document, I hope that more light can be shed on this complex matter, so that users can understand the principles and make a good choice on which drive to purchase in order to achieve maximum writing quality at the highest speed.

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