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User Account of Canonís D30
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Author: wymun
Date of review: 25-July-2001
Type Of Review: Miscellaneous

Before I relate my experiences with the Canon D30, I must first qualify that Iím neither a Pro nor Amateur photographer by industry standards. In fact, I only picked up photography some 2 years back, when I purchased my first personal cameraĖ Olympusí C2000Z, which was incidentally, digital. Subsequently, I upgraded to the venerable Olympus C3030Z, before finally settling with the Canon D30 about 9 months back.

In short, Iím simply a hardware enthusiast who enjoys taking digital pictures, akin to several of my other HW1 colleagues. Nonetheless, coupling the knowledge acquired through various specialized sites / forums (Rob Galbraith, DPreview, Luminous Landscapes and Lonestar Digital) together with my personal experience, I feel sufficiently equipped to share some views and insights that Iíve amassed over time. This explains my motivation behind this article, having personally experienced the difficulty in transition into the digital-SLR territory. Yet, do feel free to send me a mail to correct any misconceptions I may have formulatedÖ

The sleek SLR form factor of the D30

Notably, this article doesnít offer a comprehensive review of the D30, as some of you may expect. Iíve left that to the professionals in the digital camera arena - like Phil Askey and Rob Galbraith, who already boast intricate reviews on the D30. Instead, I will focus mainly on my user experience, a unique technical perspective considering my migration from a non-SLR digital camera to its SLR counterpart.

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