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Elsa Gladiac GF2 GTS Pro
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Author: wymun
Date of review: 08-June-2001
Type Of Review: Videocards

Following the release of Nvidia's latest breed of GF3 graphic cards, many have relegated its older GF2 brethrens as under-achievers in the 3D realm. Admittedly, the GF3 boasts unprecedented power and features, such as an nFinite FX engine and Lightspeed Memory architecture, albeit at a rather exorbitant cost. Still, from a pragmatic standpoint, we've yet to witness a game that demands over-and-above that producible by its highly capable line of GF2 predecessors. Even with recent 3D graphics intensive games, like Interplay's "Giants: Citizens of Kabuto", Nvidia's GF2 cards still manages to hold its own. Moreover, even at higher resolutions like 1280x1024/32bit, its up-scaled 64MB variant manages to deliver the frame-rates necessitated for decent game play.

With this in mind, it is only natural that some video card makers (such as X-Micro, Gigabyte and Elsa) have opted to bridge any gap within their line of Nvidia card offerings. Hence, apart from launching their highly anticipated Gladiac 920 (based on the GF3 chipset), Elsa's latest release of the Gladiac GTS Pro, serves the aforementioned purpose. Still, the underlying question is whether this intermediary offering between a GF2 Ultra and normal GTS chipset, is worthwhile incorporating? We'll find out soon enough...

Yet another Nvidia card? Redundant some may claim?

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