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Iwill BD133 i815EP Motherboard
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Author: Alexis
Date of review: 27-June-2001
Type Of Review: Mainboards


I have always been an Intel user ever since getting my first PC 17 years back. Those were the times where IBM compatibles were popular and logging onto bulletin boards was like Internet for us now. Up till today, I would still put my money on Intel, although it is evident that AMD has raced ahead of Intel with their cost effective solution and high performance chips.

I believe the Intel 815 chipset family is no stranger to anyone by now. But just in case you're still wondering who’s in the family, here is the link to Intel's website for reference.

Now, let's consider the i815EP chipset. Without integrated video and bearing a lower cost, the i815EP chipset motherboards have been a popular choice for most above average users - especially gamers who still believe in Intel. Hence, when the first few brands of the i815EP motherboards entered the local market, I rushed out without hesitation and duly purchased a MSI 815EP Pro-R. I was particularly attracted by its additional onboard RAID facility.

Having used it for 3 months, I realized that the "non-option" of disabling the RAID detect (when not in use) would prolong boot-up time. To me, this was unacceptable, having have to go wait longer for each bootup session. I regretted deeply, and wished I had never bought it in the first place. Ever since, I have been looking for a replacement.

Then one day, the Iwill BD133 was offered for review. Certainly a potential alternative...But let's take a closer look at the BD133...

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