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ECS Announces the FlexATX Mainboard with Intel 810E


ECS Announces the FlexATX Mainboard with Intel 810E
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Author: kan
Date of review: 23-November-1999
Type Of Review: Press

Taipei, Nov. 23th – Elitegroup Computer Systems Co. Ltd. announces the release of its newest FlexATX mainboard with i810E chipset named P6IWP-Fe/i810E. With flexible and compact FlexATX architecture and integrated i810E chipset designed on this board, P6IWP-Fe/i810E is the perfect solution for the basic graphics and home entertainment market with styling computer designs.

P6IWP-Fe/i810E is ECS' first board to adopt the FlexATX platform which benefits the users as well as the manufacturers in reducing the total system costs in terms of size and costs. Furthermore, P6IWP-Fe/i810E also provides the system developers the flexibility to create many new personal computer designs such as all-in-one computing devices, LCD-personal computers or standard desktop systems. P6IWP-Fe/i810E is designed with socket 370 architecture which supports the newest FC-PGA Pentium III processors as well as the CeleronTM PPGA processors. The newest FC-PGA Pentium III processors can be operated at the speed of 66/100/133MHz FSB whereas the Celeron PPGA CPUs can just be run at the speed of 66/100MHz. The Celeron PPGA processors features Pentium II performance with internal clock speed of 266/300/333/350/366/400/433/466MHz.

P6IWP-Fe/i810E is the perfect solution for basic graphics and home entertainment market with Intel 82810E and 82801AA chipset which supports UltraDMA 33/66 with 4MB display cache. It is designed on a FlexATX (9.0”x7.5”) platform with 2DIMM sockets supports up to 512MB SDRAM memory modules. It required PC100 or PC133 memory modules no matter what kind of CPU is being installed. This board is designed with two PCI slots and one TV Out/LCD Panel Link Riser providing the great expansion capabilities to meet the different functions in different market segments.

P6IWP-Fe/i810E is equipped with ECS’ AMRplus technology with superior audio performance provided by the on board audio chip—CMI8738. The CMI8738 audio chip provides Legacy Sound Blaster 16-bit compatible audio, plus HRTF supports for Microsoft’s DirectSound 3D specification and Aureal A3D interface with 4 speakers output. Besides, this board also support 24-bit SPDIF IN and OUT (also support optical fiber) interface offering the connection to AC-3 audio devices. Furthermore, CMI8738 audio chip also built in PCtel 56Kflex/V.90 MODEM controller with the most compact and cost-effective solution for internet connection.

P6IWP-Fe/i810E has incorporated the most advanced technologies such as Magic Setting IV, Suspension Indicator, Keyboard Power On, LAN/Modem Power On and Hardware Monitoring capabilities. The “Magic Setting IV” provides the end-users or system integrators the convenient way of adjusting the CPU core voltage and CPU frequency through the BIOS setup program instead of the annoying jumper setting steps. The green LED on the board is the “Suspension Indicator” which indicates the system power saving status. It is designed to prevent the add-on cards from damaging by the current follow during the hot-plug process for SI/VAR or the DIY market. “Keyboard Power On” is one of ECS motherboards’ standard features. When you are going to turn on your PC system, you can simply pressing a hot-key or typing a pre-defined password, instead of pressing the power button. With LAN/Modem Power On capability, systems can be easily waked up from its “Sleeping Status” while receiving in-coming fax, voice-mail and data transfer. These boards also equipped with the hardware monitoring function which provides the abilities of detecting system voltages, system temperatures, chassis intrusion and the speed of the fans. It is a good feature for users to thoroughly monitor the system condition and take required actions prior any damage may occur.

For more information, please contact:

Sales Inquiry E-mail: [email protected]

Tech. Support E-mail: [email protected]

WWW Service: www.ecs.com.tw

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