30th August 2014 

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Bit 88: Universal Sound Enhancer
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Now everything is said and done.

Outwardly, the Bit88 has unimposing physical attributes, and its SGD$199 price tag will have most audiophile scoff at it. But for once, you may have a change of heart, because the Bit88 really offers a tremendous improvement to everyday PC audio and its affordability is not to be a sign of weakness.

For what a typical stereo source is capable of pumping out, Bit88 takes it up a notch. Do you hear me?

At the same time, the Bit88 is not without its inadequacies. With only support for a single stereo channel, the Bit88 falls short of supporting the common multi-speakers capable sound cards and speaker systems. At least, that forced me to abandon the use of my digital connection, which in turns sacrifices the AC3 passthrough that comes on the set.

In conclusion, the Bit88 really shone in its duties, delivering on its promise of being a simple to use, low-cost, sound enhancer for virtually any audio source. In its high-quality build, small form factor, and relatively affordable price, 1388 Technology Pte Ltd certainly got a winner in their hands, well-deserving of our Hardware One's Performance Pick.

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