30th August 2014 

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Physical Specification
The Promise As We Were Told & More...
Physical Inspection & Setup
Connectivity, Test System and Setup
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Bit 88: Universal Sound Enhancer
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Physical Specification
Very quickly, let us gloss over the specifications of the Bit88 device. The device implements a mix of componentry using both integrated circuits and vacuum tube technologies to achieve its intended enhancement effects.

  • Input impedance 100K ohm
  • Output loading Minimum 22K ohm
  • Power consumption 3 watts average
  • Frequency response 20 Hz 20 KHz
  • Signal coupling AC coupled
  • Input signals 2V p-p
  • Gain 1.6 @ 1 KHz square wave
  • IC module supply +18V, -18V, supplied using 7818 and 7918
  • 6DJ8/6922 supply +18V, -18V using 7818/19, +6V 0.3A using 7806

Also stated in the technical.pdf, 1388 Technology did not make excessive claims. The signal to noise ratio (SNR) measured just exceeds 85dB between a frequency response of 20Hz to 25kHz, tested at a more stringent -1dB point instead. Also stated is its high-input impedance of 100k ohms making it suitable for almost any source load.

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