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Bit 88: Universal Sound Enhancer
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Author: wilfred
Date of review: 22-June-2001
Type Of Review: Miscellaneous

1388 Technology Pte Ltd is a Singapore based company formed with the specific interest to further research and development in the field of audio/video-related add-on products and accessories.

One of the first fruits of their R&D efforts has been sent to our labs for evaluation. Read on.

The Bit88 Universal Sound Enhancer was launched on 26 May 2001 to a select community press and audio enthusiasts by 1388 Technology Pte Ltd.

From the name alone, we get the impression that all forms of audio streams will be enhanced by the Bit88 and that is bold claim if you asked me.

As always, I am skeptical of how this feat may be achieved. How is the Bit88 going to make Pop more Pop, Rock more Rock, or Classical more Classical? We will find out in a short while.

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