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ICEMAT: Coolest Mousepad Ever!
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Author: eckyst
Date of review: 02-June-2001
Type Of Review: Miscellaneous

To really excel in games such as Quake 3, UT or CS, proper equipment is mandatory for the job. Although a powerful CPU, solid 3D card paired with a good monitor suffices in churning out smooth frame rates during gameplay, however one's control typically depends on quality of input devices - like the mouse, keyboard, joystick, trackball, etc… Admittedly, being a total FPS freak, I have spent much time sampling many different types of mice and their pads in my search for the ideal setup. Only after much testing and heartache, I can finally justify to be satisified with my accompanying devices for FPS gameplay.

Better don't stick that down your throat...

We all have our own preferences for mouse pads: some people like it smooth and slippery, whilst some swear by a grippy and rough surface. The only reason why I'm in favour of a slippery surface is the complementary speed and reflexes it offers. With such a mousepad, I can swing around quickly, and easily launch my rockets in tandem, wherever and whenever I wish.

Notably, I am the sort of player that insists on precise shooting, but not at the expense of reflexes during the game. I simply love mouse pads that offer good traction and grip, be it an optical or ball-based mouse. In particular, 3M mouse pads provided me the right kind of precision to match my Boomslang 1000. The control it gives is astounding, permeating a control that enables me to “stop the mouse at the exact spot where I intend it”. This greatly benefits hit-scan type weapons. Although 3M mouse pads are pretty inexpensive, it does get worn out relatively fast. After months of abuse, the warping or grains on the pads doesn’t provide the same amount of traction nor control. I typically end up changing one every 2 months, following wear-and-tear from FPS gaming at an average of 3 hrs a day. In particular, some areas of the 3M pad become uneven, incurring slight bumps on the grain, which disrupts the precision of my aim.

My craze for the past 1 & 1/2 years. One on one anyone?

I have tried the original Everglide as an alternative, but somehow didn’t like its feel. I found it too smooth and slippery for my taste, and difficult to control during a fast paced game. It simply didn’t offer the grip, as per the 3M. Likewise, I tried both sides of the Func 1030 but that didn’t appeal to me either. Although, the Func’s rough side isn't as slippery as the Everglide's, it still fails to provide the precision achievable via the 3M. Supposedly, the new VX1 Everglide is much-improved that's not as slippery with its special wax-like coating. Still, I'm not banking on it as my utlimate solution, as the coating would probably wear out in time.

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