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Table of Contents
Chipset: VIA Apollo Pro 266
Mainboard Specifications
Bundle and Packaging
Physical Inspection
Installation, BIOS and Test Setup
Benchmarks: Sisoft Sandra 2001
Benchmarks: HD Tach 2.61, Quake III Arena, RC5


Iwill DVD266-R VIA Apollo Pro266 mainboard
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Author: wilfred
Date of review: 25-May-2001
Type Of Review: Mainboards

Dual-processor machines have always been relegated to server workstation class applications, and they were relatively expensive to setup in general. Until Abit’s “pioneering work” in the BP6 – its bold Intel 440BX hack job – produced a capable alternative to costlier full-fledged server boards, no one else demonstrated the foresight in creating a budget, but yet highly usable SMP system.

The Abit BP6 product saw great success in a ready market that was eager to benefit from dual processing and it was not difficult for VIA to catch the vision soon after, to want to play in this niche with a modified VIA Apollo Pro 133A chipset.

Very quickly, notable manufacturers such as ABIT and MicroStar International jumped at the opportunity to base their new boards, the VP6 and the 694D, on the chipset. Both mainboards were met with enthusiasm from the DIY-Overclockers community and people looking to set up budget servers. Even till today, the VP6 is experiencing brisk sales, and we have noticed a surge in similarly configured motherboards from other manufacturers who also saw the market potential.

However, as these products had not been designed from ground-up to be SMP-capable, they were constraint in one way or another as we will soon see. VIA wasted no time to introduce a new core logic, the Apollo Pro 266 for the Socket370 platform, without forgetting to build into it dual-processor support. Additionally, after its much sought after SMP capability, the VIA Apollo Pro 266 marks a grand push to support DDR memory on the Pentium III platforms.

Box front

Box back

Amidst the Goliaths of mainboard makers, nifty Iwill emerged to lead the pack with the debut of the impressively endowed DVD266-R, which we are grateful to have received for sampling.

Revision 1.3 of the DVD266-R mainboard

Hence, in the following pages, we will examine if the Iwill DVD266-R is a compelling option for people like ourselves.

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