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Geforce MX200 & MX400 comparison
The Cards
Elsa Gladiac 311 32MB
Elsa Gladiac 511 32MB
Elsa Gladiac 511 64MB
The Test
Twin View and TV out
Benchmark: 3DMark 2001
Benchmark: 3D Winbench 2000 v1.1
Benchmark: Quake 3 Arena: Demo 1 (High Quality)
Benchmark: Vulpine 3Dmark


Elsa Gladiac 311 & 511 shootout
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Author: rangga
Date of review: 22-May-2001
Type Of Review: Videocards

It has been less than a year since NVIDIA released its first GPU targeted for a budget market, the Geforce2 MX. In that short period of time, Geforce2 MX has become NVIDIA’s most popular product, owing to its low price while at the same time offering 3D gaming performance as well as support for dual display. Also in that short period of time, Geforce2 MX has faced stiff competition from other card manufacturers with their own budget solutions. Cards like ATI’s Radeon SDR and the newly released ST Microelectronics Kyro II surpass Geforce2 MX’s in terms of 3D performance. Other cards like Matrox G450 and Radeon VE provides lower cost and more matured dual display support. This was one of the main reasons that on the 6th of March this year, NVIDIA announced two new chips for its value line, the Geforce2 MX200 and MX400, hoping that they will keep NVIDIA on the top for mainstream graphic card market segment.

The 5 video cards used in this review.

ELSA has always been known as one of the most reputable manufacturers of NVIDIA based cards that are almost always the first one with a finalized product whenever a certain GPU chip is announced. Unsurprisingly, ELSA was one of the first manufacturers to implement Geforce2 MX200 and MX400 into their line of products.

Has ELSA managed to produce high quality cards based on these chips, as with their other cards? Today we take a look at 5 ELSA cards based on Geforce2 MX200 & MX400 GPUs to find out…

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