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PocketMail Composer
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Author: wilfred
Date of review: 07-May-2001
Type Of Review: Miscellaneous

On 6 April 2001, SiliconHorizon.com, one of the leading mobile computing hardware distributors in the Asia-Pacific, and the PocketMail Group Limited, the providers of the PocketMail service, announced that the PocketMail service will be launched with immediate effect to provide mobile, wireless email and data services in Singapore.

The service launches with the PocketMail Composer PDA so that the user will have access to his email via the device through ANY voice line. What does this mean? Let me explain in a little while...

The Composer is a stand-alone, mobile E-mail device and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). The Composer fits in your pocket, weighs a fraction of a computer and requires no wires or modems.

To connect you to your email, PocketMail is based on new, fast and error-free technology combined with proven acoustic coupling equipment. Using the PocketMail Service, the Composer can send and receive E-mails using virtually any phone, including cordless and corded home telephones, PABX office systems, analog mobile phones, GSM digital mobile phones, and public payphones.

Excited but not very clear on how the connection is supposed to be established? What is the service supposed to provide you with and for how much?

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