22nd August 2014 

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Logitech IFeel Optical Mouse
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In usual "Logitech fashion", their packaging is first-class and bears their familiar deep green / white colour scheme. To accentuate the IFeel experience, Logitech has embossed out the mosaic edges imprinted on the box. In addition, they've also attached a blinking red LED on the box-front, to resonate its optical nature and catch the attention of potential buyers.

Once again, Logitech's packaging impresses without fail

Details of its features and capabilities are neatly inscribed at the rear

The cleverly designed box unveils unobtrusively to reveal 2 batteries powering the LED

Within the fancy packaging, lies the following key items:
  • 01 x Logitech IFeel Optical Mouse (USB interface)
  • 01 x User Guide
  • 01 x CD-ROM disc (Mouseware 9.2F for Win2K/ME/95/98/NT; User guide soft-copy)

Nothing extraordinary here - just the necessary components to get started

Although the bundle may look sparse, that's only because setup is virtually seamless and fool-proof, being a simple process of plug-and-play.

Notably, the CD-ROM also contains TouchSense™ technology and software licensed from Immersion Corporation that controls vibrational responses/feedback on the mouse. I'm unsure if Logitech has any exclusive arrangement with Immersion, failing which we could see other makes licensing the software with their proprietary renditions of mice with feedback mechanisms.

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