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Specifications of the Iwill KK266-R
KT133A Chipset and Long Live SDRAM!
Contents and Test Setup
Features: Beyond Physical
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Iwill KK266-R KT133A Mainboard
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Author: wilfred
Date of review: 26-March-2001
Type Of Review: Mainboards

I have a dream. I always wanted to rebel against the norm. I wanted and I still do.

Back in the 90s, I was more excited about OS/2 version 2 than any of my peers. I had the dozens of floppy disks all installed on the then lowly 386SX-20MHz with a bare minimum of 4MB memory. I delighted myself at the 6 min bootup time, and the "true pre-emptive multitasking" ability offered on that infinitesimally small resource.

I remained foolhardy for versions after versions. I knew it as THE GREAT OS and more, but the need to subscribe to the 'Wintel' dynasty was inevitable. I could not help but to pity THE GREAT OS which did not gain the prominence it deserved, only to fall victim to the sheer marketing ingenuity of the competition.

It was a long drawn battle, but I eventually gave up trying to be different.

That however did not kill the dormant seed of rebellion... I am just more careful these days. Before I go on my hobby horse, let me try say what I intended to say that I have always been an Intel person. It was not by choice but like most of you, there just was no real alternative.

For a long time, only AMD came anywhere close. Why close but not surpassing? Few have bothered to question.

Well, AMD made great processors. In technology, pricing, real-world performance and even in plain megahertz terms, AMD broke ahead with the fantabulous Athlon processor. Yet the serving had only been recently made complete when VIA and AMD got their act together, when VIA came along with the very polished, very feature complete and very stable KT133A chipset to win them true recognition.

However, what did it take to put the platform on my desk? Read on.

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