30th August 2014 

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Astra-net and Slowness
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Macro shot using Dopod 818 phone
Early release of WMF patch from Microsoft
End of 2005
Logitech G7: Rodent Of The Future!!

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Table of Contents
Network-Attached Storage
The SMC NAS Unit
What a NAS file server should be...
Configuring the Barricade
Storage Management Group
Firewall Testings
Network Filtering
Inside the Barricade
Executive Summary

SMC 8-Port 10/100 Storage Server
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Network Filtering
Right, let us take a look at the Network Filtering feature in the Barricade...

You can specify the various options for filtering.

If you are a paranoid administrator, the Barricade allows you to block any of the following Web page components:

  • Java Applets
  • JavaScript
  • ActiveX Controls
  • Cookies
Wow, I’m not sure how paranoid you are, but blocking components like Java Applets or JavaScript might affect the way how your users will use the web in the future.

Blocking the domain.

You can also create your own site lists of “Banned” and/or “Allowed” sites. You can specify whether to allow only sites in the “Allowed” list, or block only those sites in the “Banned” list. Pretty interesting, and for this example, let me try to block the domain http://www.hardware-one.com/. You can either enter the domain name, or block the site by entering its IP address.

Firing up my browser, I proceeded to my favorite site Hardware One, and sure enough, I was banned!

Access denied! Oh dear!

Peeping at the filter log file, I saw that the unauthorized access is indeed logged by the Barricade.

Filter logs.

One of the qualms I have on the filtering mechanism is that there is no configuration option available for you to specify a cascaded proxy. I do know that certain ISPs insist users to use their proxy servers. For instance during my testing of the Barricade, our office was unable to connect to the external world via the Barricade’s proxy, as we have a strict firewall ruleset in which all Port 80 must go thru our proxy server.

This is the error you will get if you are blocked by your ISP or office firewall.

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