02nd September 2014 

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Table of Contents
Network-Attached Storage
The SMC NAS Unit
What a NAS file server should be...
Configuring the Barricade
Storage Management Group
Firewall Testings
Network Filtering
Inside the Barricade
Executive Summary

SMC 8-Port 10/100 Storage Server
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Inside the Barricade
Hey, since we do not need to pay for this US$899 product, why don’t we just rip the Barricade out and show you the contents? Destroying things happen to be my forte…

There, you've seen it! The dark side of the Barricade…

More shots…click on the image for a close-up.

Circuit board of the Barricade. It’s actually running on the VIA Apollo MVP 4 chipset.

Hey, isn’t this the Maxtor VL 40 5400 RPM 20 GB hard drive?


After prying around with the various PCB components in the NAS, I got hold of more data regarding the NAS. A Cyrix MII 333 MHz processor running at 83 MHz FSB powers the NAS. The onboard memory comes in a SODIMM form (similar to your laptop) and unfortunately I could not guess what is the total memory available (probably 16MB or 32MB) from this 60ns EDO stick.


and more chips…

…even more chips! Hey, enough of those chips!

Inside sits a heavily modified mini-motherboard running on the VIA Apollo MVP4 VT8501 North Bridge. It has VT82C686A as the Southbridge, thereby supporting ATA-66 transfer mode.

Behind this Jetart cooler is a Cyrix MII 333 MHz processor (2.9V) running on a 83 MHz FSB.

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