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Elsa Gladiac Ultra 64MB
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Author: wymun
Date of review: 13-March-2001
Type Of Review: Videocards

Unless you’ve been hibernating or fallen into a deep “comatose” of late, then you must surely have heard of Nvidia’s highly anticipated GeForce 3 chipset (also coined the NV20) slated to hit the retail shelves in the next few weeks. And especially for the avid gamer or “compulsive upgrader”, this may mean finding the perfect excuse (yet again) to satiate your innate desire to purchase this compelling piece of graphics artillery ... Shhh...

Yet amidst all the NV20 hype, its predecessor – the GeForce 2 Ultra, still packs a worthy punch with a feature-set that remains largely untapped by programmers even till today. Inevitably, the 6 monthly product launch cycle of graphics chipsets have largely out-ridden its accompanying software development cycle. In fact, just after the launch of the GF2 Ultra chipset, Nvidia had already announced the beta testing of its successor, the GF3.

It is with the above frame of reference, that Elsa has loaned us their top of the range graphics card - Gladiac Ultra, to sample its capabilities. Coupled with 4ns of uncompromising 64MB DDR memory, the Gladiac Ultra certainly contends favourably for its claim of the "World's Fastest Gamer's Board". So whilst waiting for our NV20 to arrive, let's see if the Gladiac Ultra really performs as promised...

The Gladiac Ultra "basking" in its full glory

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