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SMC Wireless Broadband Router
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Author: kan
Date of review: 26-February-2001
Type Of Review: Networking

Wireless LAN has rapidly been gaining popularity during the recent two years. This is primarily fueled by the trend of smaller and lighter notebook computers, removing the need for users to be "anchored" to a specific locality for Internet access. If you recall, I have taken a look at the SMC Barricade EZ Connect Cable/DSL Router back in January. This time round, I am privileged to be testing out the SMC7004WBR Wireless Broadband Router.

Front shot of the colorful box.

The SMC Broadband Router should be a god-sent for people staying in apartments that pose too much of a challenge and hassle to wire up. Indeed, wiring up can be such an endeavor as it may involve activities like hacking walls, burying cables, and sealing the walls back. This is definitely not cost-effective for me. I'm not exactly hot on the idea of laying a trap of Ethernet cables all over the floor either!

Even though wireless technology has been widely available over the past 18 months, we have not really seen a package targeted at the consumer market. My office building already has wireless connectivity since 1999, and we were jesting on how we could bring the Internet to the toilet! Finally, that weird notion can now be realized at home! This review is being written in a cubicle with an automatic flush... all thanks to the SMC Wireless Router!

A shot at the back of the box.

The router provides data rates of 11, 5.5, 2, and 1 Mbps coupled with 40-bit WEP encryption for wireless LAN security. According to specifications, the router has a functional operating range of up to 1500 feet depending on the data rate. The built-in Network Address Translation (NAT) enables instant access for up to 252 PCs on the LAN simultaneously using the WAN port.

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