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ABIT VP6 Dual FC-PGA Motherboard
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Author: wilfred
Date of review: 07-February-2001
Type Of Review: Mainboards

In the recent past, ABIT's BP6 enjoyed a stint of grand fame for being the world's first dual Socket-370 motherboard with on-board ATA/66 support. Though based on the Intel 440BX chipset, ABIT's outing delivered the first 'budget' platform capable of doing symmetric multi-processing and quickly became the favourite motherboard that brought overclocking and dual processing together.

However, a downside of the BP6 was its inability to support dual Pentium III processors. It was a PPGA-only board while the Pentium III came on an FC-PGA format. Superficially, both the PPGA and FC-PGA format have 370-pins but really, the pin-outs and the voltage requirements (2.0V and 1.5V respectively) differ, therefore users were forced to wait until recently to run Pentium IIIs in SMP configurations.

A full frontal of this baby

Today, we are talking about the BP6 re-incarnate - the long-awaited ABIT VP6. This product is based on the VIA 694x Apollo Pro 133A chipset rather than the venerable BX found on the BP6, and thus a BP6-2 nomenclature would not have been appropriate.

On the software front, Microsoft's Windows 2000 has significantly penetrated the consumer market and its native dual processor support rallies a positive note for the SMP board market that the VP6 targets.

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