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Aztech DSL Turbo 900 Ethernet Modem
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Author: wymun
Date of review: 04-February-2001
Type Of Review: Networking

Bearing humble soundcard origins, Singaporean based company - Aztech Systems Ltd, has grown exponentially and diversified to encompass a whole host of PC products over the past 3 years. Their product range now boasts 5.1 speaker systems (previously reviewed here), Nvidia-based 2D/3D graphic cards (like their TNT2 card reviewed) and 56K analogue modems.

Yet, in recent times, Aztech has taken a slightly up-market direction and concentrated their efforts on developing high-speed communications and network peripherals instead. But what propelled this sudden change in focus?

Intuitively, keen competition from dominant players in the PC multimedia market has edged out minority stakeholders and manufacturers - like Aztech. In general, profit margins from Audio / Video PC products have diminished substantially, especially for those in the mediocre to low-end range. Unless a sizeable market share already exists, it is extremely difficult for less bouyant players to gain market acceptance short of incurring losses. Sadly, the recent demise of key players - like Aureal and 3Dfx, has grossly aggravated the situation and highlighted the vulnerabilities faced even by significant leaders in the PC multimedia industry. Such prevailing circumstances prompted Aztech to refocus their strategies, and embrace network solutions as an alternative primary offering. Drastic as it may sound, Aztech has shown competency in this arena, and hopes to capitalize on the influx of connectivity demands in the world today.

Actively promoted in Singapore (under SingTel MAGIX’s ADSL scheme), Aztech's Turbo 900 DSL Ethernet modem represents a noteworthy addition to their growing list of network products, in line with their latest directive. It is this component that comes under scrutiny today.

The dark, sleek look is “in”…

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