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Enermax EG451 P-VE Power Supply
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Author: wymun
Date of review: 17-January-2001
Type Of Review: Miscellaneous

For hardware enthusiasts, the relentless pursuit for faster clock speeds and feature-filled peripherals must be supplemented with good stability. Yet, therein lies the irony of the situation – with greater processing and added functionality, one’s system inevitably edges towards "over-complexity". This leads to unstable and irratic system performance. Moreover, the accompanying exercise of adding elaborate fan/cooling systems to lower system temperatures, usually heightens this vulnerability for overclockers. In short, the speed and sophistication in today’s systems, mandates stringent specifications on components that drive and support it.

In particular, the Power Supply Unit (PSU) of heavily customised / modified systems is a main determinant of operating stability. Still, many have chosen to stinge on its purchase, assuming the cheapest/unregulated 200W PSU to perform as well as server-typed, 300 to 400W counterparts. Instead, they opt to spend much more on “exciting” add-ons, like RAID and 3D graphics card setups.

Admittedly, I used to be such an individual, where only tangible gains via sound / video cards would warrant a greater spending. However, after encountering no less than 2 to 3 “el cheapo” power supplies blowing up consecutively (some even sacrilegiously taking along other peripherals with them) cum several more rendering nightmarish troubleshooting headaches with sub-standard power outputs, I finally conceded and began hunting for the ultimate PSU to match my precious test-bench system.

During my years as a reviewer, I came across the EG285P-VB from Enermax, whose specifications well exceeded my requirements back then. Through the convincing words and assurance from the shop-owner, who unabashedly related how powerful and consistent it was (going as far as claiming "SISIR" approval), I acceded and purchased one for my test-bench. Its been 2 full years since its acquisition. And I'm glad to testify that the Enermax EG285P-VB did not disappoint, producing uninterrupted and stable power output. Although it is now relegated to my secondary test-system (with the EG451 in my main system), it still runs as good as before. Henceforth, this impressed upon me a high regard for Enermax as a premium quality PSU maker in Taiwan.

Following my extremely positive experience with the EG285P-VB , I subsequently picked up the 431W EG451 P-VE without hesitation, upon its arrival in Singapore. Afterall, my 9 cooling fans cum fully populated AGP/PCI slots (at one stage), was becoming rather stressful for its 276W predecessor. Or perhaps, this may just be my innane enthusiast nature finding reason to try out a newer and better offering...

Enermax EG451 P-VE PSU: The highly anticipated successor

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