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Yamaha CRW2100E CD Re-Writer
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Author: chester
Date of review: 12-January-2001
Type Of Review: CD-ROM/DVD/CD-RW

You’d be surprised to know that Yamaha is quite a diverse manufacturer and is the largest manufacturer of musical instruments. They manufacture amongst other things motorcycles, engines, appliances, and why we are writing today, computer related products.

The product I am putting under the microscope today is the latest CD ReWritable (CD-RW) drive, the CRW2100E-VK, a 16x Write, 10x ReWrite and 40x Read drive. The drive has the honour of being one of the fastest CD-RW drives around. Yamaha isn’t only fast on the racetrack with their motorcycles, they’re also pretty fast with their computer peripherals.

Picture of the Box.

The Specifications & Bundle
As detailed in the manual and from Yamaha’s web site, the CRW2100E supports a variety of formats. The table below as transposed from the manual.

*1: includes multi-session
*2: suitable disc required
*3: suitable application software required
*4: suitable applications software required for playback

For detailed specifications and features data sheets please visit Yamaha’s support site. I would list the details here but it would only be repeating what is already posted on the web.

Yamaha’s Support Site: http://www.yamaha.com/ycaservice/group001/fgrop001.htm

Some of the notable features and specifications that makes the Yamaha CRW2100E-VK stand out:
  • 16X High speed writing of CD-R discs
  • 10X speed writing of CD-RW discs
  • 8MB Data Buffer Size
  • Optimum Speed writing1
  • Reliable Writing2
  • High Fidelity Audio Extraction

The bundled software that comes with the Yamaha CRW2100E-VK model in Singapore is slightly different than that of other releases around the world. This is too bad as some of the additional software that are mentioned in the data sheets for US models would really make this bundle complete. In particular, MusicMatch® Jukebox, which is an excellent audio ripper for MP3’s and it is also great for the cataloging functionality useful for organising your MP3 collection on and off the web.

Contents of the box.

The Yamaha drive is capable of detecting the quality of the CD-R disc and will adjust the writing speed according regardless of the speed setting configured. So, even if an inappropriate speed is selected in your software the system will detect and reduce the speed to ensure proper writing and prevent coasters.

The Yamaha drive also makes use of the Optimum Power Control (OPC) technology. As CD-R/RW discs will differ from one manufacturer to another, with OPC technology the laser output can be varied in the writing from disc to disc.

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