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SMC Barricade EZ Connect Cable/DSL Router
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Author: kan
Date of review: 05-January-2001
Type Of Review: Networking

With the increasing number of SOHO users, the demand for high speed, simple and expandable networks has grown proportionally. With more home users having access to broadband services, a new breed of broadband routers like the SMC Barricade Cable/DSL and the LinkSys Etherfast Cable/DSL Router is emerging from the market.

SMC Barricade Cable/DSL Router.

The SMC Barricade Cable/DSL Router is an all-in-one networking solution for home and small business users. The router comes with built-in NAT support and has a 4-port 10/100 Mbps dual switch for internal LANs. In addition to these features, it incorporates a built-in print server support as well as an Internet firewall to ward off unauthorized users.

Wait a minute, whatís NAT?
Network Address Translation, or NAT for short, is a protocol which enables a LAN to use a set of IP addresses for internal traffic and a another set of IP addresses for external traffic. Whenever the machines behind the router need to communicate with the outside world, all packets must first flow through the router. The router will then replace the internal IPs of the machines with its own IP and forwards it to the machines residing outside. By the same token, the external machines will reply to the router, which will in turn determine which machines the various packets are meant for.

The basic principles of NAT are to:
  • Enable home/office users to use a single WAN connection for their internal LAN machines.
  • Combine multiple ISDN connections into a single Internet connection.
  • Provide a type of firewall by hiding IP addresses. All external access will appear to only originate from the router.
The SMC routerís NAT is capable of supporting up to 253 PCs and it allows multiple users to share the Internet using a single WAN IP address.

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