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Guillemot 3D Prophet Press Release


Guillemot 3D Prophet Press Release
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Author: kan
Date of review: 07-September-1999
Type Of Review: Press

Get ready to discover the supreme 3D way!
Montreal, Quebec, Tuesday, September 7, 1999 - Guillemot is excited to announce the 3D Prophet*, its highest-performing graphics solution, based on NVIDIA's revolutionary Graphics Processing Unit, GeForce 256*. Especially designed for hardcore gamers, 3D Prophet will give them the absolute graphics power for their PC and the ultimate gaming experience for only $269.99!

"Guillemot is a valuable partner in providing award-winning products for the PC gamer," says Jen-Hsun Huang, Founder, President and CEO of NVIDIA Corporation. "Their new GeForce 256 based board will redefine the gaming experience for PC users worldwide."

"Guillemot aims to offer the ultimate graphics card. After the success of our Maxi Gamer Xentor 32*, based on the RIVA TNT2* Ultra, our strategic partnership with NVIDIA* leads us to take the experience one step further and revolutionize 3D gaming. That's why, we decided to give our new accelerator's name: 3D Prophet" says Claude Guillemot, President of Guillemot Corporation.

3D Prophet
3D Prophet offers 32MB onboard RAM, a 350MHz RAMDAC and TV-Out capabilities for excellent image playback of DVD titles or games. Built with the Geforce 256 GPU, 3D Prophet features a 256-bit rendering engine, a hardware transform engine, a hardware lighting engine and a four-pixel-per-clock pipeline generating an unprecedented 15 million triangles per second and more than 480 million pixels per second! 3D Prophet also supports AGP 4X with Fast Writes and the most advanced supports for OpenGL* and Microsoft's* new DirectX* 7.0 features such as cube environment mapping, vertex blending and projective textures. The card is also optimized for software DVD acceleration and video playback.

3D Prophet will empower users with the ability to reach the pinnacle of 2D & 3D acceleration in all their home and business applications. With the 3D Prophet's real-life rendering, hardcore gamers will be completely blown away by the astonishing images in their games.

Pricing And Availability
This product is scheduled to ship end of September through retail chains such as Electronics Boutique, Fry's Electronics, Best Buy and CompUSA and other fine retailers. Pre-orders are now being accepted at Electronics Boutique's online store. The 3D Prophet will retail for $269.99 after a mail-in rebate.

Guillemot Corporation
Guillemot Corporation is a major contributor to the multimedia market. The Group develops, manufactures and distributes hardware and multimedia peripherals providing the highest quality products for gamers and music enthusiasts worldwide. Guillemot Corporation has been listed on the Paris Stock Exchange since November 27, 1998, Sicovam code 6672. For more information, contact Guillemot toll-free at 1-877-484-5536 or visit the company's web site at www.guillemot.com.

3D Prophet and Guillemot are trademarks of Guillemot Corporation. All rights reserved. NVIDIA, the NVIDIA logo, RIVA TNT, RIVA TNT2, NVIDIA Vanta and GeForce 256 are trademarks of NVIDIA Corporation. RIVA, RIVA 128 and RIVA 128ZX are trademarks of NVIDIA Corporation and STMicroelectronics. Other company and product names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated.

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