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Senfu DIY House Kit


Senfu Overclocking DIY House
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Author: kan
Date of review: 29-December-2000
Type Of Review: Miscellaneous

Ever since our encounter with the Miscellaneous Senfu Products, we have gotten hold of another new product from Senfu - The Overclocking DIY House Kit. For overclocking enthusiasts, the relentless pursuit for a casing which allows the ease of changing peripheral cards or even new motherboards has attracted the Taiwanese company to manufacture the DIY House Kit.

So what exactly is the DIY House Kit? The DIY House Kit is not exactly the usual casing we are used to seeing. Instead, the DIY House Kit is a skeleton frame assembled from adjoining metal rods. Then, two pieces of acrylic boards form the support base for your peripherals and motherboard, afterwhich, the setup is completed with a convenient dust cover to protect your components from dust and moisture.

For reviewers like ourselves, the DIY House Kit can be extremely useful when components within are frequently swapped. The product gives us a good “platform” allowing us to bypass most clunky cases.

This is what we see without the DIY House Kit for our testbench.

Motherboard is falling off….

So, let us check out the contents inside the kit. Neatly packed in the box are the various building blocks needed to build the skeleton frame. Here is a brief rundown of the components:

Front shot of the Senfu DIY Kit.

Back shot of the Senfu DIY Kit.

  • 4X 135mm square metal tubes
  • 4X 160mm square metal tubes
  • 4X 3K connectors
  • 4X 4K connectors
  • 2X bearing board
  • 1X PE cushion
  • 1X self-adhesive plastic pad
  • 3X binding ties
  • 1X anti-dust cover
  • 1X speaker
  • 1X power LED indicator
  • 1X HDD LED indicator
  • 1X stepless reset switch
  • 1X stepless power switch

Contents of the Senfu DIY House Kit.

Time to get physical! Before we begin, we searched around for some installation instructions and we found the content of the manual, though sparse, to provide sufficient information for the frame's construction.

A wrench is needed to fasten the various connectors to the metal tubes. If you played LEGO during your childhood days, fixing the DIY House Kit should not pose you any difficulties. We wrestled with the metal frames and eventually managed to get the frame constructed. Joining of the metal frames with the 3K/4K connectors requires a twist in the opposite direction.

Building blocks of the DIY House Kit.

A close look at the 3K connector.

The whole structure was initially unstable, but attaching the provided adhesive rubber pads to the connectors helped stabilize the structure somewhat. Moving on, we put the two acrylic boards onto the frame and proceeded to put the motherboard on top of the insulating mat and hooked up the rest of our peripherals like CDROM, PSU, and hard drive etc. onto the Senfu kit.

The completed DIY House Kit!

The insulating mat is small and will not be enough to cover the whole base of the motherboard. In our testbench, a portion of the board is found sticking out from the sides of the mat.

With all our peripherals plugged in. Our testbench is so neat now!

Provided in the kit are connectors for the Power LED, HDD LED, RESET as well as the PWR ON, making it easy to reset the motherboard or monitor the general activities.

Since the DIY House Kit is based on the “open” concept, one of our reservations is actually the fear of our system short-circuiting. Coffee mugs had to be placed further away, and everyone was barred from sneezing when entering our lab. With no hard physical cover to protect our system, we are also afraid of toppling (!!) the whole kit accidentally, especially in our cramped office.

Protect your investments from dust!

For the price of around US$25, the Senfu DIY Kit serves its purpose as a convenient platform for enthusiasts to place their peripherals easily. A dust-cover is also provided to cover up your system when it is not being used. The DIY Kit is also stackable and expandable (think LEGO), making it possible to build and expand your “platform” to suit your various needs. If you are an overclocking enthusiast, the Senfu DIY Kit may be the ultimate “casing” you are looking for all these while…

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