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MSI-6337 i815E Mainboard
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Author: wilfred
Date of review: 11-December-2000
Type Of Review: Mainboards

Being one of the largest manufacturers of motherboards and computer peripherals, MicroStar International, represents the top-tier maker in Taiwan. Its strength in R&D, manufacturing facility, marketing and branding easily demonstrates this leadership.

With every prominent motherboard maker putting out boards based on the Intel i815E chipset, all with almost a standard mix of features, there is little to separate the best from the second, with the exception of little extras as well as pricing, quality components, reliability and overclocking potential.

Now what we have in our test labs over the past two weeks is the MSI-6337 i815E Pro mainboard, and it was not long before we acquainted ourselves with its capabilities, features, stability and suitability for overclocking.

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