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Mouse Bungee


Everglide Mouse Bungee: Liberating Motion
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Author: Alex (Contributing Reviewer)
Date of review: 11-November-2000
Type Of Review: Miscellaneous

Ever find it a nuisance to work or play games when the mouse cord "snags" and restricts movement? Imagine having to pull the cord slack for more freedom so that you can move your mouse around with ease. But now, let me introduce you to this new product from the same company that revolutionized mouse pads - the Everglide Mouse Bungee! This is the ultimate cure (short of switching to cordless) for all your “snagging” problems!

The packaging

Arghhh! The bungee is bent!!!

Well, there's no need for a detailed explanation. By simply looking at the diagrams below or the instructions bundled with the package, you'll be using the product without problems in less than 10 secs. Everglide has even include a guide on how far you should place the Mouse Bungee for highest efficiency. Anyway, here're the details in case you're too lazy to look for it, as most people tend to be...

Instructions on how to install on the back of the package

Instructions indicated on the back of the package.

Quiz 1 : How much length to use?

First, measure about 10 inches of cord from your mouse.

Quiz 2 : What is used to hold the mouse wire?

Next, squeeze the tabs on the underside of the bungee tip and insert the mouse cord.

Quiz 3 : What is step 3?

Finally, press the trailing cord into the slotted groove on the back of the bungee and you are DONE!

How it looks like when hooked up properly

The Bungee
“The Mouse Bungee is built from sturdy materials and is designed for recurrent years of use. It features a solid steel ballast construct, and non-slip rubberized, non-scratch feet and a clip cord. It also has dual springs that were specially designed to provide just the right amount of tension for silky smooth, drag-free cum snag-free usage to effect a virtually cord-free mouse control”. As described from The Mouse Bungee Company.

I wonder if my mouse likes its tail hooked?

Upon unpacking the Bungee, my first impression was how heavy it seemed. This is undoubtedly due to the big ball-bearing placed within its triangular base. This ensures it is stable enough to “sit” comfortably and unmovable on your table. With two flexible springs to hold your mouse cord, which are capable of versatile bending, any intensive movement of your mouse for work or gaming would not make it topple easily. The Mouse Bungee simply stays permanently in position and allow you to move your mouse freely and vigorously without worry. The Mouse Bungee also comes in 5 other beautiful, bright, clean translucent colours to suit your preferences. From the Apple’s iMac stark green to the traditional Beige color PC, there's one to suit everyone's taste.

United Colours of Bungee !

The Test
I paired the Bungee with my favourite Microsoft Intellimouse for testing. One evident problem is that the cord of this mouse is too thin for a good grip on the clip for a firm grip there. But mouses like the Optical Mouse from Microsoft and the Razer BloomSlang should have no such problem, as the cord is much thicker. Still, the Bungee prevents snagging in any case.

I tested it on games like Counter-Strike, UT, Rune and other normal working applications - like graphic design and surfing. During games where intensive movement of the mouse is required, the bungee just sits non-chantedly there and does its job unobtrusively. Even for daily normal applications, I no longer needed to remind myself to pull the cord periodically for more freedom of the mouse. It is really akin to using a cordless mouse, until the occasional glances on my table-top reveals the presence of the Bungee.

I had always wanted a cordless mouse, but found its response often a tad too slow. With this Bungee on my desk, I no longer need to consider getting a cordless mouse anymore. Moreover, the cordless mouse also requires batteries to work and incurs the inconvenience of frequent replacement, unlike a normal mouse paired with the Bungee. The Mouse Bungee is not only for gamers but also for work professionals who desire a ball mouse that is virtually “cordless” without sacrificing precision. The Mouse Bungee does all that in practice, but especially eliminates those irritating snags! With its varied range of colours to choose from, it should appeal to almost every individual.

The Mouse Bungee costs only a small investment of S$29.95. Even after adding up the cost of your mouse, it will still be cheaper than purchasing a cordless one. Now you can have that “cordless” Optical mouse you've always wanted!!

Heh...And here's a picture of my mouse having a Bungee Jump!

Boing !!!

I would like to extend my thanks to Silicon Horizon for providing the Mouse Bungee for review.

Estimated Street Price : S$ 29.95

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