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MG Logic e-Pad and DuoPen
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Author: Octa
Date of review: 21-October-2000
Type Of Review: Miscellaneous

Executive Summary

Preceding the Creatis, the ePad and DuoPen (produced by local graphics tablet manufacturer - MGLogic) strikes a potent combo. It also implements a pressure sensitive tip, which allows digital artists to simulate physical pen-strokes relationally, and is remarkable value for its price offering. In this review, we thoroughly test a sample and find out its practicable worth.

The ePad and DuoPen from MGLogic

Package and Specifications
With dimensions spanning 6" x 5" , the ePad and DuoPen features a corresponding resolution of 15k x 12k, which is detailed enough for most art-work. There are also a generous 256 levels of pressure sensitivity, which should satiate all but the microscopic digital artist. It also comes in both USB and serial variants.

Installation and Usage
The USB variant seems to work only in Win98 or iMacs, whereas its serial counterpart works seamlessly in all platforms.

Apart from the cumerbsome cord (at times), the ePen has become the e-artist tool of my choice. In addition, the 3 mappable buttons on the ePen are easy to configure, albeit slightly limited in operation. Still it does facilitate convenient switching of drawing modes. However, its relative mapping function was rather unusable in my personal view.

Under Paintshop, the ePad cum DuoPen is a joy to use. Notwithstanding its immaculate control offered for budding artists, it exhibited data rate problems where rapid pen movements would be easily lost - buffering problems perhaps? Nonetheless, the switchable tip on the ePen is by far, the most innovative and distinctive feature. Simply by clicking its rear, the tip changes to mouse button functionality, which is preferred over other pressure-based switching mechanisms.

In terms of gaming, the graphics tablet adapts quite well, particularly eliminating any wrist pains normally incurred. This was tested predominantly for non-FPS games though...

For the DuoPen, I really like the switchable tip as the clickable tip can truly serve as a mouse replacement. And for Mr Paranoia, the pressure sensitive adds further value.

For SG$129, this tablet offers budding artists an economical shot at their dreams of being a digital-Renaissance painter. I am sure that canvas, paint, brushes and easel costs much more to buy and not to metion the need to set-up and clean up in turn. And sans Undo, so similar to the digital versus film argument for cameras.

For the full review, click here.

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