03rd September 2014 

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Executive Summary
Introduction & GeForce2 MX
GeForce2 GTS
Elsa Gladiac MX (pics)
Elsa Gladiac MX REFERENCE Board (pics)
Give That Man An MX
Elsa Gladiac GTS 32 MB (pics)
Elsa Gladiac GTS 64 MB (pics)
The Gladiac In Me
Elsa WINman Suite
Testbed Configuration
3D Mark 2000
Q3 Demo 001
Q3 Demo 002

ELSA GeForce2 Gladiacs - MX & GTSes
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Pictures of the Elsa Gladiac 32MB
The Elsa Gladiac GTS, which come in both the 32MB and 64MB versions, is based on NVIDIA’s second generation of the GeForce series – GeForce2 GTS. Both models are based on the same chipset, with only a difference in memory capacities.

Let’s see what Elsa has for the Gladiac 32MB.

The packaging

WYSISYG : What You See Is What You Get

The front of the 32Mb version

The backside...

The 12V fan on the chipset. Click to zoom in

The RAM used on the card is Infineon

Revision of the 32MB card we are looking at

The missing components that would have enabled you to have a second CRT monitor, digital camera or LCD monitor

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