23rd August 2014 

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The Windows Clock Is Ticking
Test Results: Atheros Wireless Problems
VoIP. VoIP: Skype's Phenomena + FCC Concerns
Serious Linux Security Flaw Found
Microsoft's FAT charges
Nikon's D70 coming to spoil Canon's party?
GeXcube ALL-IN-WONDER 9600 PRO Review

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Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Introduction & GeForce2 MX
GeForce2 GTS
Elsa Gladiac MX (pics)
Elsa Gladiac MX REFERENCE Board (pics)
Give That Man An MX
Elsa Gladiac GTS 32 MB (pics)
Elsa Gladiac GTS 64 MB (pics)
The Gladiac In Me
Elsa WINman Suite
Testbed Configuration
3D Mark 2000
Q3 Demo 001
Q3 Demo 002

ELSA GeForce2 Gladiacs - MX & GTSes
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Quake III Arena Demo 2
The results for the Demo2 benchmarks are added for your perusal. Comments are identical to the previous.

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