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Lian-Li's Lovely PC-10
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Author: wymun
Date of review: 19-September-2000
Type Of Review: Miscellaneous

Executive Summary
Sprouting from the sharp rise in DIY PC Hardware enthusaists today, manufacturers have finally acceded to produce "premium" casings to facilitate overclocking and upgradeability. The Lian-Li PC-10 produces such an offering, and challenges the CoolerMaster ATC-200 - renown to be the Overclocker's Dream Casing, with its economical value proposition.

Sporting a full aluminum construct, numerous drive bays and a rear outtake cum twin intake chassis fans (variable speed), the PC-10 delivers exceptional features.

With its light-weight and mid-tower aluminum build, it promises to conduct and dissipate heat more efficiently than other generic casings. The abundant drive bays incorporated is also more than sufficient to accommodate even the most hard-core data storage fanatic. The high-powered chassis fans also promote airflow and maintain the system at a manageable temperature.

In addition, the PC-10 is innovatively "tool-less" (using thumbscrews for nearly all fixtures) and nearly "strippable" to the core. The practical convenience during component changes will truly be appreciable by anyone!

Notwithstanding its high-grade specifications, the PC-10 doesn't produce a dramatic temperature improvement over other casings.

The Lian-Li PC-10 is a joy to possess. Despite its unsubstantial cooling enhancements, the convenience offered by the PC-10 more than outweighs this shortcoming.

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