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Author: wymun
Date of review: 31-July-2000
Type Of Review: Videocards

Unsettling Origins

Undeniably, Nvidia has come a long way. From the post-TNT era to present day standings, they have gradually grown in strength to command the main market share in high-end 3D graphic boards for PCs. The launch of their latest GeForce 2 GTS chipset is testament to that claim, which outstripped its closest competitor (3Dfx’s V5500) in virtually all benchmarks.

Yet, despite the myriad of reviews supporting and exclaiming its 3D acceleration prowess, the GTS doesn’t really represent a milestone leap in terms of frame-rates for actual game-play over its GeForce DDR predecessor, especially at higher resolutions. Even having incorporated slightly higher-clocked DDR memory onboard (333MHz), the perennial problem of insufficient memory bandwidth still haunts the GTS implementation.

Thus, akin to a GeForce with SDR, unless RAMBUS technology (or alternative higher memory bandwidth) avails itself in cheaper form, the GTS’ full potential remains inherently bound by faltering memory speeds. Analogously, as my web-site editor - sportster Kan would have put it, a GTS today, emulates a Porsche running on Diesel

Nonetheless, OEM manufacturers have remained indifferent, proliferating the market with GTS reference board designs with peripheral enhancements to differentiate their products. Many existing DDR GeForce owners (like myself) have withstood the temptation to upgrade, considering the incremental offerings available.

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