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Senfu Thermometer
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Miscellaneous Senfu Products
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Author: wilfred
Date of review: 22-July-2000
Type Of Review: Miscellaneous


I didn't forsee myself writing about a thermal probe in this lifetime but the unexpected happens. And now that I'm actually doing it, I don't intend to make it a long one.

Typically, today's motherboards will ship with a thermal probe whose readings can be taken off the system's BIOS or using software like Motherboard Monitor. I'd been relying on the combo of the built-in thermal probe that sits under my FCPGA Pentium III [email protected], and MBM 4.17 to gather data on fan speeds and temperature of my overclocked PC.

You can imagine my skepticism that the Senfu Super Thermometer is going to make significant impact to my computing experience. I'd admit it, I was devoid of excitement as I pulled it out of the retail review sample box.

These are the specifications as printed on the smallish box:

  • Range: -40 to 90 deg C
  • Resolution: 0.1 deg C
  • Accuracy: 1 deg C
  • Sampling: 3 secs.
  • Battery: G10x1
  • Probe: 1 metre long
  • Colour: white/ black

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