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Sharedware Savage
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Author: dracon
Date of review: 19-June-2000
Type Of Review: Miscellaneous

The Savage in Me
It was some time back (somewhere in 1997?) when IPC first introduced their Buddy family of products. All BUDDY users were able to share peripherals connected to the Host PC (if networked) or network - such as printers, modems, CD-ROM drives, even communication dial-up, ISDN, leased lines and network connection. They can even concurrently surf the Internet, send e-mails and browse different web sites using one modem, one phone line and one Internet service provider(ISP) account. Thus, you save on peripherals, communication and support costs. Needless to say it was quite a hit with SMEs which have a need for multiple terminals, but yet reluctant to spend on complete new systems.

While the IT industry out there is still waiting for the long-overdued Buddy II, Sharedware Ltd, a UK-based company, has come out with their own version of a Buddy - the Sharedware Savage. Sharedware has taken the Buddy concept further, adding to the card a Savage3D/Savage4 graphics chipset, an ESS Agogo Sound chipset and a TV-Out feature.

The Package

But before we go any further, let us have a look at some of its features...

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