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IWill VD133Pro Review
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Author: kaiping
Date of review: 10-June-2000
Type Of Review: Mainboards

VIA on steroids

"Onboard IDE RAID" came leaping out of the email from our friends at IWill, when they told us that they sent us the VD133Pro for review. While onboard SCSI has been with us for sometime for workstation class motherboards, the VD133Pro is a first for onboard IDE RAID.

The VD133Pro is a member of the VD133 family of motherboards from IWill -- here's a close-up family photo taken from the back of the box.

Under the hood, this little gem has more to offer than just fancy disk I/O -- read on and find out. But first, let us get our bearings through the obligatory specifications list.


Right folks, time for a physical. Let us have a closer look at the board.

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