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Inside the SL36A
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Author: Yingzong
Date of review: 06-August-1999
Type Of Review: CPU

I'm sure by now, many of you have heard rumours of a very limited stock of Celeron 300A (S-type SL36A) in the Singapore market right now. In fact, this batch of Celeron chips have become quite a topic in our forum. Well, we at Hardware One have managed to get our hands on a few of these precious gems and a number of us have run these chips for more than 2 weeks. This ad-hoc article is meant to be an honest account of what we feel about them.

Well, what's so great about them? Are they really worth their salt (or silicon for that matter)? Here's the lowdown on these babies :

Our experience with these new chips reveal that a whopping 504 Mhz (112 * 4.5) is almost guaranteed and a bonus number of them can even do an orgasmic 558 Mhz (124 * 4.5)!

Closeup of the SL36A

Err... 300As? Aren't they Ancient History?
Intel stopped manufacturing the 300As in their boxed form for the general market. But apparently, the chips are still being manufactured for the OEM market. Thus enters the SL36A. It seems that this batch was somehow "conveniently leaked" into the market.

Official Specifications of the SL36A

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