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Palm Portable Keyboard Review
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Author: wilfred
Date of review: 06-May-2000
Type Of Review: Miscellaneous

You don't know what you've been missing out!

Whether you're a veteran on the Palm platform or a new convert, you'll agree that Graffiti is one ingenious input system invented for handheld devices. It has a certain learning curve, but it is quick and accurate.

Yet, even when you've reached the pinnacle of Graffiti mastery, you still have to scribble ever so furiously to keep up with a rattling boss. Not good enough, and therefore transcribing thoughts would be the most you'd do on your Palm.

Fortunately, ThinkOutside knows that deep down, you wished to be able to do THAT much more! Enter the Palm Portable Keyboard (PPK)!

This device is cleverly crafted and its speedy sales is an indication of its popularity! Swarms of Palm users flocked to ogle at its sheer geekiness, and many (like myself) went home with one. It is such a marvel in design that Palm Computing endorsed it with their own name stamp. A testament indeed.

You'll be interested to note that this is not the first such device. In fact, many have come before them, There were just too few adopters till the PPK's arrival. It is obvious that the Palm and PPK is a match made in heaven.

For once we can talk about true portability. This FULLSIZE keyboard folds down to the size of 2 stacked Palm Vs and that's SMALL!!

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