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Everglide Giganta
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Author: Yingzong
Date of review: 05-May-2000
Type Of Review: Miscellaneous

Itís been more than half a year since my review of the Everglide Q3A Large Attack Pad (LAP). Since then, Everglide has come up with the big broí to the LAP, the Everglide Giganta. The Giganta was probably the answer to requests from users for a surface with greater width as the LAP could not satiate their desires for greater mousemat real estate. It could also be a response to the Ratpadz from olí Kyle over at HardOCP. Either way, the Giganta is born and from its namesake, it takes no rocket scientist to know that this is one big muffin of a mousepad.

Due to the similarities between the Q3A LAP and the Giganta, some portions of this review are extracts from the previous Q3A LAP review that I did. Before I go on, special mention goes to our buds down at Silicon Horizon for providing the Giganta for review.

Seeing that the rest of the guys here at Hardware One have been bumming around too much (or stingy) to be assimilated into the world of next generation mouse pads, Iím capitalizing on this article to give some of them a piece of my mind!

To: Kan
Darn it, I donít care if youíre using an optical mouse! If a lefty like you can get a right-handed mouse to work, Iím sure you can find something creative to do with a pad!

To: Wilfred
ManÖ I donít know what you did to your 3M PMS, but it sure looks like a warped piece of diaper! Is it time yet??

To: Wymun
Well, errÖ would you be interested in this styrofoam mouse pad I just got from a trade show? Though it would very much reduce the accuracy of your rails but itís freeÖplease??

"Big Blue"

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