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Press Release ABIT Launches Gentus™ 2.0


ABIT Launches Gentus™ 2.0
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Author: Hardware One
Date of review: 04-May-2000
Type Of Review: Press

Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Monday, May 5th, 2000—Continuing its dedication to the Linux community, ABIT now announces the first revision of its popular Gentus™ Linux distribution.

In February 2000, ABIT became the first hardware manufacturer to show its endorsement of Linux with a brand new distribution, the primary goal being to resolve Linux/hardware incompatibility issues. ABIT packages Gentus™ CDs with all new mainboards and maintains the open community at www.gentus.com. And now Gentus™ 2.0 expands its support to systems employing VIA and AMD hardware!

ATA/66 for VIA Chipsets
The original Gentus™ release eased the use of the ATA/66 controller included with many ABIT motherboards. However, under Linux, incompatibilities between ATA/66 and VIA’s 686A South Bridge chip (used in the Apollo Pro 133, 133A, and KX133 chipsets) remained. Gentus™ 2.0 takes care of that. Now, instead of having to download patch files and modify the kernel, Gentus 2.0™ auto-recognizes your motherboard model and suggests pre-built kernels, providing full support for ATA/66 and ATA/100 on ABIT’s VA6, VT6X4, KA7 and KA7-100. What’s more, with Gentus 2.0, you get hard drive partitioning and pre-configuration flexibility as well as enhanced RAID support that provides ATA/66 compatibility and direct install/boot capabilities.

PerMon 2 with G-Point Explorer
The PerMon™ tool set is back, but now in its second version and with several new additions, such as all new graphic icons and easy-to-use scale bars. These provide information about the CPU and system temperatures, fan speeds, CPU Vcore and other voltage readings. The “Hard Disk Tool,” which allows easy HD parameter adjustment and provides HD performance indexes, is now available for ABIT’s VIA chipset models as well as our BX models. And for all you “tweakers” out there, the most attractive addition to the tool set has to be G-Point Explorer. This lets you adjust your Front Side Bus speed from Xwindow (KDE or GNOME) without having to go into BIOS! Just choose your desired FSB speed, and let G-Point Explorer do the rest.

Unique Drivers Included
Gentus™ 2.0 also gives you sound capabilities unavailable with any other Linux version. The new “ABITconf” configuration tool provides drivers for the i810 chipset’s integrated graphics controller, plus sound drivers for AC97 on the i810 and the abovementioned VIA chipsets, as well as the Creative Sound Blaster Live! Series. (No other Linux distro, including Red Hat 6.2, provides these.)

Furthermore, those of you with Nvidia-based graphics cards (GeForce and TNT2) will be pleased to discover that Gentus 2.0 provides these drivers, too! Other distributions, including Red Hat 6.1, do not.

Easily Available
And best of all, it’s free! ABIT will begin bundling Gentus 2.0 with its new motherboards by the end of May. When was the last time you bought a motherboard and got a free OS? Even better, it’s available for download from www.gentus.com right now. ABIT has increased its number of official Gentus™ mirror sites to nine worldwide, and mirroring has been opened up to all those interested, thereby opening the door to even more sites.

Redhat and GentusTM Linux: What’s different?

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